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Our team of native translators is dedicated to providing high-quality translations that accurately capture the meaning and tone of the original text. We believe in the power of human translation to convey messages with nuance and depth, and we are committed to delivering translations that read as if they were initially written in the target language.

At Malitrans, we pride ourselves on delivering translations that are faithful to the original text and perfectly adapted to the target audience. Our native translators have an in-depth understanding of both the source and target languages, and they can use this knowledge to produce translations that read smoothly and naturally. “We understand the importance of accurate and nuanced translations in today’s globalized world. That’s why we only work with native translators who deeply understand the cultures and languages they work in. Our translations are of the Highest Quality, and they are always human-powered, so you can trust that the meaning of your text will be preserved and communicated effectively.

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150+ International Languages

Region - Translation Services Worldwide - Malitrans

500+ Regional Languages

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150+ Rare Languages

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Native & Humen Translatation

Translation Services

  • Certified Translation
  • Professional Audiovisual
  • Interpreting Services
  • Language Translation
subtitling-01-Hassle-Free Native Translation Services Worldwide - Malitrans


It involves adding written translations of spoken language to a video or film. Contact us for your Captioning, Subtitle translation, Language subtitling, and Foreign language subtitles needs. We accept & deliver in various file formats according to your needs.

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It involves recording a voice artist speaking the translation of the original audio over the top of the original video or film. We can provide both types of voice-over services, in-house and studio recordings of Dubbing, Language dubbing, Audio translation, and Soundtrack translation.

transcription-Hassle-Free Native Translation Services Worldwide - Malitrans


It involves converting spoken language into written form. We provide Speech-to-text conversion, Oral-to-written translation, Audio-to-text transcription, Verbatim transcription.

It is the process of converting written text from one language to another. We provide Language conversion, Linguistic translation, Cross-cultural communication, Multilingual translation, and Localization. We accept source text in various file formats and handwritten text in images and pdf files.

Reliable, Quick, and Simple

In our digital age, companies need accurate translations to help them speak to new customers and emerging markets. Whether your organization is in agriculture, industrial sectors, or manufacturing, you need precise translation projects to connect with your target audience.





We deals in languages

Source & Targeted Languages

  • Abkhazian To Afar
  • Abkhazian To Arabic
  • Abkhazian To Croatian
  • Abkhazian To English
  • Abkhazian To Serbian
  • Abkhazian To Swahili (Kenyan/ Kibajuni)
  • Achnese To English
  • Acholi To English
  • Albanian To Serbian
  • Albanian To Macedonian
  • Albanian To Russian
  • Acholi To Romanian
  • Afar To Abkhazian
  • Afar To Assamese
  • Afar To Aymara
  • Afar To English
  • Afrihili To English
  • Afrikaans To Arabic
  • Afrikaans To Armenian
  • Afrikaans To Bemba
  • Afrikaans To Dutch (Netherland)
  • Afrikaans To English
  • Afrikaans To German (Deutsch)
  • Afrikaans To Hebrew (Israeli)
  • Afrikaans To Italian
  • Afrikaans To Swahili (Kenyan/ Kibajuni)
  • Ahirani (Marathi) to English
  • Akan (Twi) To English
  • Akkdian To English
  • Albanian To Romanian
  • Albanian To Bosnian
  • Albanian To Croatian
  • Albanian To Czech (Czech Republic)
  • Albanian To English
  • Albanian To Finnish
  • Albanian To French
  • Albanian To German (Deutsch)
  • Albanian To Greek
  • Albanian To Italian

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