Mali Trans Workplace Policy

This workplace policy reflects Mali Trans’ commitment to flexibility, security, effective collaboration, ongoing professional development, and fair conflict resolution in a remote work environment.

1. Remote Work Expectations:

   – Availability: All translation work is conducted remotely, involving linguists from various regions globally.

   – Productivity Measurement: Translation services are measured by word count, time spent, or audio/visual content minutes.

   – Collaboration Tools: Phrase, memoQ, Trados & SmartCAT Cloud Service are preferred for collaboration.

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2. Communication Guidelines:

   – Channels: Job invitations are sent through the dashboard, supplemented by phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or email when necessary.

   – Team Meetings: Team meetings are scheduled as needed for project requirements.

3. Work Hours and Flexibility:

   – Flexibility: Working hours are flexible, accommodating different time zones.

   – Overtime: No overtime is applied; freelancers are paid based on completed work volume.

4. Equipment and Security:

   – Equipment Provision: Freelancers provide their equipment; Mali Trans provide access to a licensed CAT Tool editor.

   – Security Measures: Secure cloud storage ensures the safety of client data, with strict access controls and compliance with security standards.

5. Team Building and Culture:

   – Team Building: Team building is project-specific and facilitated by project managers if needed.

   – Company Culture: Onboarding includes virtual meetings, annual ratings, and communication tools for a sense of belonging.

6. Training and Development:

   Professional Development Opportunities:

   – Mali Trans is dedicated to fostering the continuous professional growth of its freelance linguists. We believe in providing opportunities that contribute to their expertise and proficiency in translation.

   – Our selection process ensures that linguists possess the necessary skills for remote work. For further enhancement, we offer access to resources such as conferences, workshops, and additional training programs that align with the evolving landscape of language services.

   – We encourage our linguists to engage in ongoing education to stay abreast of industry changes, technological advancements, and linguistic innovations. This commitment to learning is fundamental to maintaining high standards of service quality.


Onboarding Process:

   – The onboarding process at Mali Trans is designed to be seamless and informative. Upon joining our platform, linguists receive an in-depth overview of the company’s mission, values, and policies.

   – To ensure a smooth transition, linguists are provided with tutorials on the tools and platforms used for translation. This includes guidance on navigating our systems, submitting work, and effectively communicating within our platform.

   – Style and Tone Guidelines are shared to acquaint linguists with our expectations regarding language usage, brand voice, and industry-specific terminology.

   – Quality Assurance Training is provided to explain our stringent quality control processes, emphasizing the importance of accuracy, consistency, and attention to detail.

   – Cultural Sensitivity Training is an integral part of our onboarding to highlight the significance of cultural awareness in translations. This training helps linguists avoid cultural misunderstandings and adapt content for diverse target audiences.

   – Feedback and Improvement Loop: Establishing a system for constructive feedback is crucial for continuous improvement. Linguists are encouraged to engage in ongoing learning and enhancement through open communication with project managers. This collaborative feedback loop ensures that linguists evolve and refine their skills.


   Security and Confidentiality Training:

   – Emphasizing the importance of maintaining confidentiality and client information security, we provide comprehensive training on data protection measures and best practices. This includes the use of collaboration tools that restrict downloading documents locally.

   – Linguists are educated on secure cloud storage practices, ensuring the safety of client data. We enforce strict access controls and comply with industry security standards to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of client information.


   Client-Specific Requirements:

   – In instances where clients have unique requirements or preferences, we offer targeted training to ensure linguists are well-informed and can adapt their work accordingly. Understanding client expectations is paramount, and linguists receive guidance on tailoring their services to meet specific client needs.


   Regular Training Sessions:

   – Mali Trans is committed to keeping linguists updated on industry trends, language advancements, and any changes in company policies. To achieve this, we organize biannual training sessions or webinars. These sessions provide valuable insights, facilitate knowledge exchange, and foster community among our linguists.

7. Conflict Resolution:

   – Communication Channels: Linguists can contact their Project Manager via chat or

   – Quality Review: In case of disputes, a third-party review may be conducted, and resolution will be determined based on the review outcome.

In summary, Mali Trans is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and development opportunities that empower linguists to excel in their roles, adapt to industry changes, and uphold the highest standards of linguistic excellence.

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